Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4 - Psalm 108:1

My heart is confident in you, O God;
no wonder I can sing your praises
with all my heart!
Psalm 108:1
I had a friend who sat on the front row of church every Sunday. When you asked her why, she said, "I have the worst voice in church, but I want to sing God's praise. Therefore, I sit on the front row so I can sing as loud as I want, and I don't disturb anyone's peace."
Her heart is confident in the Lord!
Do you have that kind of confidence?! Indeed, what can you -- more loudly, more boldly, more passionately, more publicly -- to display your faith in the Lord?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who wonders
if that's why they assigned me a seat
in the front row

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