Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec 09 - Gen 1:1a

In the beginning … God …

Genesis 1:1a


It’s hard to get people to agree. If you can believe internet statistics …


·         20% of Americans believe that the earth revolves around the sun,

·         29% think Bigfoot probably exists,

·         and up to 25% of American don’t believe that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.


And yet …


·         only 8% of Americans don’t believe that God exists.


The first words of the Bible are “In the beginning … God …” The first revelation of Scripture is that “GOD IS”! And the good news is that 92% of our friends actually believe this.


The problem, though, is what kind of a “god” our friends believe in. Is God an energy or a “person”? Is God one or many? Is God personal or impersonal? Is God active or inactive? Are we part of god or is God separate and beyond us? (I could go on for hours!)


Over these next weeks, I want to help you learn to make a simple Biblical case for God – the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. And the good news is that with 92% of your friends, you can start with common ground …




In Christ’s Love,

a guy who believes in the

earth revolving around the sun

and in God, the Father of the Son