Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lent - Feb 23 - Genesis 9:16

M I K E   C O G A R

Genesis 9:16

Whenever the rainbow

appears in the clouds,

I will see it and remember

the everlasting covenant

between God and

all living creatures of

every kind on the earth.”


Sometimes our lives seem to be filled with struggles!


Heartache, lost love, relationships, kids, job loss, illness and death, it can be overwhelming! Any one of these can bring a storm into your life, but it never seems to be just one.


My life has lately felt like a Tsunami has rolled in churning me up, down and side to side. Yes I admit, I’ve been struggling. Maybe you too!


When we’re in the storm, life’s skies are seemingly all dark and gray. This is the time when Satan knows as Christians we are the most vulnerable. He whispers lies to your ears, confuses your mind and tries to steal your faith. He is good at what he does and leaves you to struggle like a ship in a storm with no rudder. Like many of you I questioned why is this happening, asking why God?


Yesterday I received my morning devotion and the author said we should not be asking “why God?” when we are struggling, but ask “Where in all this is God being glorified?” A tough question when you are in the storm! To be quite honest I don’t know. Praying, listening and praying more God put this on my heart “ Place your trust in Me!” He has always been there reaching for me through my dark skies, wanting to lift me up. I had been blinded by doubt, guilt, remorse and shackled by feelings of inadequacy. The whispers that Satan used to try and drive that wedge between God and I. God reached out, He said you are my child and you are worthy of my love. I will never leave you, I will lift you up!


There is God’s glory in all this! He reached out to find His lost sheep. He can lift you up too! The skies in life will become gray and storms will come, but God will always be there as He promised loving and reaching to lift us up. I hope and pray that during your life struggles you will be like me searching the gray skies and finding the rainbow!


God loves you and so do I.

Mike Cogar


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