Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jan 10 - Psalm 146:4


When their

breath departs, they

return to the earth;

on that very day

their plans perish.

Psalm 146:4


Do you know what “futile” means?


I occasionally like turning to The Urban Dictionary to get a definition. Here’s one definition of futile …


The categorization used

to define an individual

(whether it be inanimate or not)

whose existence possesses

no purpose what so ever.


I love that. Being futile is being without purpose. (Makes sense. But here’s the part I love …) Being a person is being inanimate or not.


Well, let’s take that step by step. “When [your] breath departs,” you’re an inanimate person. And without a higher power to animate you, that’s your total future is that you will only, inevitably, and eternally “return to the earth.” (“Remember you are dust” is Ash Wednesday’s yearly wake up call.)


And “on that very day,” you will be futile. Without purpose. Indeed, “on that very day [your] plans will perish” with you.


True statement. But not very cheery, huh?


So what if we want to discover a purpose that lasts, it better be rooted in the One who does last and can make us last. Our hopes and plans need to be rooted in the Lord who can, will, and promises absolutely to animate believers eternally. And plans we make WITH him, do last … forever. (Not plans we make on our own – even godly plans – and just say, “I’m doing this for the Lord,” but plans which we check with him first! and listen for his leading! and do according to what he purposes. Indeed, plans we make with him leading will last … forever.


In Christ’s Love,

a guy who prays,

“God don’t let me

make plans and

ask you to join me;

let me look and

listen and see where

you are moving

and join you.”




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