Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23 - 1 Samuel 27:12

Achish [the Philistine king] thought to himself,
"By now the people of Israel must hate [David] bitterly.
Now he will have to stay here and serve me forever."
1 Samuel 27:12
Tired of being pursued by Saul, David sought refuge among the Philistines. The foreign king, Achish, gave the city of Ziklag to David as his home. And David kept running raids into Israelite territory.
Yes, the Israelites -- especially Saul -- were probably frustrated indeed. But Achish leapt to a wrong conclusion. And like yesterday, it was a math error. 1+ 1 + 1 did not equal 3. Yes, David was among the Philistines (1). Yes, the Hebrews were frustrated with David (another 1). But no ... David would not serve an earthly king. David's formula was 1 + 1 + infinity equals ... the King that David would serve forever is eternal.
At the end of the book of Joshua -- 24:15 -- Joshua gives us some words of advice to all people that sound a lot like the choice that David would make: "Choose this day whom you will serve."
David would never serve a temporary king eternally. How about you? Will you serve temporary priorities that lead to their own eternity? Or will you be like Joshua -- still 24:15 -- proclaiming, "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's house regularly serves the Lord
(our front door is open regularly to Bibles and studies
and all those people and their faith bless us)

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