Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9 - Numbers 27:2

[The Lord said to Moses ...]
Transfer your authority to him so
the whole community of Israel will obey him.
Numbers 27:2
Part of my training for ministry was a year's worth of internship at a church in New Mexico. At the end of the year -- with still a year's worth of classes to go -- the Senior Pastor came to me and said, I am retiring in three years, would you be willing to come back in a year, be my partner in ministry for two years, and then take over the church.
"Yes!" (We loved that congregation.)
In general, planned transitions like this don't work in churches. But this one did -- and the success was no credit to me! The success rested squarely on the shoulders of a Senior Pastor who was willing to follow the plan that God gave to Moses.
God said, "transfer [part of] your authority to [Joshua] so the whole community ... will obey him." Now, most other translations imply "part of" rather than "all of" Moses' authority, but that's what the Senior Pastor did for me.
At the beginning of my first year of ministry, he said, "What changes do you know you want to make?" and I gave him a list. He said, "Good. The first year, I'll be the Senior Pastor and you'll be the Associate, and we'll make all the changes that first year so that I can take all the heat for changing things. Then you can come in as Senior Pastor and lead a more peaceful year."
How wise is that?! And how awesome of a blessing was that for a young preacher just starting out!
It is the wisdom of God! "Transfer [part of] your authority to [Joshua] so the whole community ... will obey him."
Who do you mentor -- from children, to co-workers, to employees, to disciples -- that could benefit from this heavenly wisdom?!
In Christ's Love,
(to Pastor Gibson's Moses)

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