Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22 - Deuteronomy 31:14

Then the Lord said to Moses,
"The time has come for you to die."
Deuteronomy 31:14
If even a hero of the faith like Moses eventually came to end of his time on earth, guess what ... Your time will come too.
So imagine that your time has come. What will be the final thing you'd like to say? What's the final piece of advice you'd like to pass along? Maybe to your spouse ... Maybe to your children ... Maybe to God ... But what would your like your last words to be?
Well, when it came Moses' time, God didn't let Moses choose. He said essentially, "Moses, this is what you are to say ..." Actually, he said, "This is what you are to sing!"
The Lord said, "16 [Moses,] after you are gone, these people will begin to worship foreign gods ... 17 Then my anger will blaze forth ... 19 So write down the words of this song, teach it to th[em], help them learn it ... 21 and when great disasters come down on them [because of their actions, implied], this song will stand as evidence against them, for it will never be forgotten by their descendents."
How'd you like your final words to be a song with the lyrics, "32:28 Israel is a senseless nation"?
Now, while many of us might genuinely want to leave our children with a memorable warning -- as this song was -- we'd also like to leave them with a blessing. And chapter 33 really does contain his final words, and Moses' words, spoken out of love, are a blessing for his people ... but that's a story for tomorrow.
Today, remember that your time is coming. What would you like your final words to be. (And why not email them to me. I'd love to hear.)
In Christ's Love,
a guy who wants to leave you with a song:
Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord

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