Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 25 - Acts 2:41-48


Day by day … they devoted

themselves … to fellowship …

[and] to the breaking of the bread …

see Acts 2:41-48


If I asked you for another term for the “breaking of the bread,” you’d probably say, “communion.”


If I asked you for another term for “fellowship,” you could also say, “communion”! (In fact, the Greek word “koinonia” is often alternately translated “fellowship” or “communion” in the English version of the Bible.)


In terms of fellowship, who are we communing with? We are communing with one another, with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


In terms of the breaking of the bread, who are we communing with? With God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Through this holy meal, our spirit intersects with God’s presence in a special, sacramental way. A relational way. Through this meal, we’re in “communion” (relationship) with God.


But there’s a second piece to Holy Communion. When you come to Church and process to the altar for communion, the “communion” you partake in is not just between “you and Jesus” (though Jesus surely meets you there). In that moment, you are also – simultaneously – communing with a hundred other brothers and sisters in Christ. Communion involves a community of faith.


This week, we’ll be looking at some of the ways Christian’s commune.


In Christ’s Love,

communion …

community …

communication …

I guess I’m a guy who

is increasingly realizing

that relationship

is important

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