Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dec 20 - Matthew 2:2


[the wise men said]

“Where is He who has

been born King of the Jews?

For we have seen His star

in the East and have come

to worship Him.”

Matthew 2:2


Have you ever stopped to ponder how some distant Middle Eastern wise men knew to come looking for a Jewish King?


Let me tell you a story …


In about 600 B.C., the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzer, conquered Jerusalem. In battle, he killed many. To reduce Jewish power, he scattered thousands and thousands throughout his vast kingdom. And as a trophy, he took many noble Jews back to Babylon as captives.


When the best and brightest of the Jews came to Babylon, he taught them all of the decadent Babylonian customs. He also trained the best and the brightest alongside his own scholars and astrologers.


Daniel was one of these young men. (Daniel, of course, from the famed lions’ den story.) Anyway, young Daniel soon rose in rank within the Babylonian kingdom. Eventually, Daniel rose high enough to rule over who? The wise men! The magi!


So … how do you think the magi knew about the Jewish traditions?! Many scholars believe that it was Daniel (and perhaps other Jewish exiles) who taught the Babylonians the prophecies! And the Persians too … as the Persians, during Daniel’s lifetime, conquered the Babylonians, and Daniel was a ranking official the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians too.


Thus, many believe that Daniel taught the prophecies. Many – including you know – also know that Daniel was one of Israel’s great prophets himself. The first half of the book of Daniel is history concerning this time period. The second half of this book are Daniel’s prophecies – some are about Jesus’ life and ministry on earth, others are apocalyptic visions of Christ’s coming again.


So, how did the Magi know to come looking for a Jewish Messiah?


Because … somebody told them! (And that person was so influential, that they honored his king!)


In our world today, how will people know how to find Jesus the Messiah? Somebody has to tell them!


In Christ’s Love,

a guy who loves telling

… over the hills and



Discussion questions:


1.    Daniel’s faith caused others to honor his God. Who’s faith have you followed over the years?

2.    Is your faith inspiring anyone to worship your God?

3.    What might you do in the coming year to

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