Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13 - Exodus 33:3

The Lord said to Moses,
Go up to a land flowing
with milk and honey; but
I will not go up among you ...
Exodus 33:3
One of the holiest moments in history occured when God invited Moses up upon his holy hill! On Mt. Sinai, the Lord gave to Moses detailed instructions on how his people would meet him: First, we get to meet God by living righteousness lives and following all his commandments. Second, he detailed the tent of meeting and let us know where he would sit.
One of the unholiest moments in history occured when Moses appeared to tarry too long. The people demanded for new gods, so Aaron built a golden calf, saying, "32:4 These are [now] your gods who brought you out of ... Egypt."
One of the saddest moments in history occured when God said essentially, "People of Israel, I will keep my promises. I'll still let you go into the Holy Land. BUT I will NOT go with you." That's our lesson for today. God was essentially saying, "You can have this world. I want no part of you."
One of the most victorious moments in history occured when Moses said essentially -- see 33:15 -- "O Lord, if your presence is not moving from here, then neither are we." In other words, "it's better to be in the wilderness with God, than in a bountiful place without him."
One of your most victorious moments can occur when you agree with Moses! "Lord, I want to be wherever you are" ... or "I want to go wherever you are going" ... or "Lead me, Lord, I'll follow" ... or "My circumstances may feel like a wilderness and I don't understand them, but all I need is you here with me and I will be okay."
In Christ's Love,
a guy who needs to remember
the final, wonderful words of the Gospel,
"and lo, I will be with you
... always" Mt 28:20  

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